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Debt-free equity release for over 55’s.

You can help fund in-home or aged care by releasing equity in your home, without taking on debt

✔ You Remain The Legal Title Owner of Your Home

✔ You Remain in Control of What Percentage You Sell

✔ You Live in Your Home For as Long as You Wish

✔ Debt-free Equity Release Solution

✔ Upfront, Lump Sum Payment

✔ No Rent, Repayments, or Interest


With the boom of the Australian property market over the last several years, coupled with tougher pension eligibility tests and the increased cost of living, many seniors are finding themselves in an asset-rich, cash-poor position.

EquiKey has recognised this and come up with an innovative solution that can help you live the retirement you’ve worked for.

This is not a reverse mortgage nor home equity loan. There is no compounding interest which means whatever percentage of your home you choose to sell, you realise the value of this share now, while protecting the remaining percentage for you or your estate.

Once you’ve released your equity through EquiKey you can use the money for any purpose, including:

  • to pay off debts;

  • supplement your retirement income;

  • or pay for in-home or aged care.

How EquiKey Works?

  1. EquiKey values the equity in your home.

  2. Your equity is listed for sale on the EquiKey marketplace. EquiKey’s pool of investors bid to buy this equity.

    You remain in control of how much equity you sell and which investor’s bid you accept.

  3. The investor’s money is transferred to you. You remain in the home as the legal title owner until you decide to sell, move into aged care or pass away. In return, the investor receives their share of the future sale value of your home.

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EquiKey is backed by:


“EquiKey made it possible for us to take the cruise we’d always said we’d go on but never got round to”

Peter & Diane H.


With the proceeds from the equity release we were able to build an extension and help my daughter with her first home purchase”

Bob S.

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