Frequently Asked Questions


What if I have a mortgage or other outstanding debt secured against my home?

If you have a mortgage or any other lien secured against the property, this must be paid off either prior to, or through the proceeds of, the equity release.

Am I still the legal owner of my home after the equity release?

Yes, you remain the title holder of the property until you decide to sell, pass away or move into aged care, at which time the proceeds from the sale of of the property are shared commensurately between you and the other share owner.

Can I make renovations to my home after the equity release?

Yes! So long as the renovations are not reasonably deemed to devalue the property you can redecorate or remodel as much as you like! In fact, one of the most common reasons for releasing equity is to fund refurbishment and renovation projects. 

Can I buy back equity in my property at a later date?

If you would like to buy back some or all of the equity in your property please contact us and we will facilitate this where we can.

Can I release more equity in my property, after doing an initial equity release?

Yes, you can release up to a cumulative total of 90% equity in your property. However, during our initial consultation we will cover all bases so unless something unforeseen happens, you shouldn't have to double dip!

What happens if I die before my Partner... Will they be forced to move out?

No. So long as your partner is a legal tenant of the property they will not be asked to leave or sell the property. We will double check this in our initial consultation and facilitate any changes to the title deed if so desired. 





When do I get my money back?

You receive your return when the homeowner sells the property, passes away, or moves into aged care. The price you pay today is calculated to accurately reflect this. At the time of sale, you are entitled to your share of the fair market value or can opt to buy the rest of the property. 

What if I want to get my money back sooner?

Currently, the unknown time horizon forms the majority of the buyer’s risk. However, our algorithm is designed to accurately reflect this risk in the amount you pay for your initial share.

How do I know when the Homeowner or Homeowner's estate has sold the property?

With your EquiKey life membership, you can choose how often you would like us to update you on the status of home(s) you’ve bought into. 

What additional benefits do I get with an EquiKey membership?

We update you, at your discretion, on the status of the home(s) you’ve bought into. We give you more detailed information on available properties and you're the first to hear about upcoming properties not yet listed. You can also let us know if you’re looking for a specific type of home, or in a particular area and we can curate properties that match these preferences.

What if the property market takes a downturn?

Whilst the amount you pay compared to the market value of the share of the property is designed to accurately reflect longevity risk and mitigate any potential downturns in the real estate market, this is an external factor which we cannot control and thus should be considered before buying.