How it works?

1) EquiKey values the equity in your home, free of charge

2) Your equity is listed for sale just as if you were selling your entire home (except when your equity sells, you don’t have the hassle of packing and moving!)

3) The investor in your home’s equity transfers their money to EquiKey’s Trust account while we lodge a caveat and lien on the property (this is to ensure the investor’s rights at time of sale and does not represent any debt)

4) EquiKey transfers the investors money to your nominated account, minus our fee of 2.5%, which goes to cover our upfront costs

5) Retirement begins, on your terms.

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EquiKey is backed by:

Senior couple having fun at beach.jpeg

“EquiKey made it possible for us to take the trip we always said we’d do but just never got round to”

Peter & Diane H.


With the money from my EquiKey investor I was able to make much-needed renovations and help my daughter with her first home deposit”

Bob S.