How Does EquiKey Value Homeowner’s Equity?

EquIkey’s proprietary algorithm values equity using:

home equity calculator.png

  1. The current, and predicted future, value of the property

  2. The age of the homeowner(s) along with any future plans to transition from the home to aged care (if applicable)

  3. The type of property and it’s location

Senior homeowners are able to supplement their retirement income by accessing the equity (Cash) tied up in their home, without moving, and without taking on debt.

property Investors and prospective homebuyers are able to purchase fractions of homes, that are not on the open market, without incurring expenses like stamp duty, mortgage premiums and lenders mortgage insurance.

investors will often pay less than the Current market value of the percentage of the Property they are purchasing to account for longevity risk and general market risk.

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